Cloth Diapering

  • So far it has been hard work the washing routine itself has been easy but when I came to realize exactly how many diapers i have and how many I need ratio 10:30 … why you ask because my kid like most 💩💩a lot!! She goes through the first 5 in less than 4 hrs. Then on the second hand she has a few that the gussets(the stretchy wholes the legs go through) are too loose and I refuse to put them on her considering there most likely will be a shit about gross đŸ¤ĸ🤮 . At least I’m better with the poops than my husband đŸ¤Ŗ if a bit of poop touches his hand he goes full on ape shit screaming “ahh!eww!gross! change her” he’s a mess. Anyways back to the subject.. everyone told me not to use cloth diapers because they would be hard, but the thought of helping the environment and spending less money had me hooked. My husband is all about cheap and easy so he wasn’t on board unfortunately but I said well hey I’m gonna be changing her most of the time anyways so it really wasn’t a huge deal to me. I actually have a close friend of mine who did cloth diapering on her son and I told myself if she can do it so can I !!✊đŸŧ to anyone considering cloth diapering I say go for it if you have the patience it’s hard for me only because my cloth diaper supply is low but once I purchase more I personally think I’ll be ok. I look forward to continuing on my cloth diaper journey it’s one I know I will enjoy.
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    Strong Momma đŸ’ĒđŸģ

    What can I say about my experience as a mother not enough so far my journey only really began 2 months ago, before that I was only a mommy to two babies in Heaven. When my precious baby girl was born my life began again it was painful because of all the contractions and what not but despite the pain and the numb feeling and shitting all over the hospital bed the only thing I kept thinking of was my baby. I asked the nurses to put the mirror in front of me I knew that once I had seen my daughter’s hair it would give me more motivation to push harder so I did. My mom,sister and husband were in the room he was yelling “PUSH! PUSH! I SEE THE HEAD!” I don’t think I had ever seen him that excited before it was the most amazing thing ever and I just love him more for it. I gave it one more big push and she arrived July 1st @ 9:14 pm weighing in at only 5lbs & 11oz the moment I laid eyes on her I fell in love. I can only say that I am so grateful to my husband and to God for helping bring her into this world. I am forever blessed and I can’t wait to embrace all the love and pain every bit of it that motherhood has to offer with a smile on my face just like the moment I met her.

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